Investments offer

Plazor Traders Investment plans include:

Starter plan: $50 - $4900

Premium plan: $5000 - $19000

Premium plus plan: $20000 - $49000

Elite plan: $50000 - $99000

Platinum plan: $100000 - unlimited

We guarantee 2.14% daily return and 15% weekly return of investment for a contract period of 24 months on all investment plans, after which you can renew.

Payouts of the return of your investment is daily, weekly or monthly.

Profit is updated during seven days a week. The first one is after 24 hour after the addition of your deposit in your account. All your deposits will run for 24 months. No additional limitations exist - you can withdraw any profits according to a schedule that you will make by yourself!

Moreover, the company does not have any restrictions nor in the maximum amount of the deposit, nor in their numbers. You can have as many deposits at the same time as you want.

In addition to favorable investment proposal, you can take advantage of the affiliate program and earn an additional up to 10% of every deposit of your referral. Read more in the «Affiliates» section.

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